Implementation Teams

Purpose and Scope of Implementation Strategies Teams

The 2013-18 Strategic Plan will provide the foundation upon which all other planning processes at the university will be integrated and aligned. To achieve the goals, objectives, and strategic directions of the Strategic Plan, NKU will develop a complementary set of university-wide implementation strategies. These strategies, most of which will cover a two-year period, will establish parameters and context for the development of unit alignment plans for the organizational units (divisions, colleges, departments and offices) by outlining priorities for action related to such areas as the academic master plan, enrollment, student engagement, facilities, technology, diversity, and other cross-cutting themes.  

Implementation strategies will be developed with broad involvement from individuals across the university through the establishment of implementation strategies teams. Membership will comprise individuals with organizational responsibility for the function, along with other faculty and staff whose knowledge and expertise provide a valuable resource to the team. Regular communication among team leaders will help ensure integration and alignment of human, physical, technological, and financial resources and help prevent competing or contradictory goals and objectives in the unit alignment plans.

Implementation strategies are envisioned to be approximately three to six pages long and will focus on implementation strategies, priorities for action, responsible parties, and timelines.

All faculty and staff can review the teams’ ongoing work under Teams Portal page. NKU faculty/staff login required.