Dashboard Metrics Team

Charge to the Team:

The purpose of the Dashboard Metrics Team is to identify and prioritize recommended metrics to be included in Northern Kentucky University’s Executive Dashboard for the 2013-18 Strategic Plan.  The Dashboard Metrics Team will provide recommendations to the President and his Executive Team for metrics that are most appropriate for inclusion in a university-level executive dashboard and those metrics that would be appropriate for a second tier operational dashboard.   

The Dashboard Metrics Team will review the draft strategic plan, executive dashboard metrics from the Points of Focus 2012-14 Integrated Strategic Plan, the Council on Postsecondary Education’s institutional  and performance funding metrics, as well as the changes being proposed by CPE to statewide metrics.  In addition, the Team will examine best practices across the country through the Educational Advisory Board, particularly dashboard metrics at similar institutions.

As metrics for the executive dashboard are agreed upon, the Dashboard Metrics Team will consult and collaborate with the NKU leadership on appropriate 2017-18 targets to be set for each metric on the executive dashboard.  Targets should represent achievable, but stretch, goals.  The Team will consider demographic and economic trends, as well as expected changes in program offerings and workforce demands as targets are articulated.  The recommended targets will be presented to the President and Executive Team for approval.  Targets identified for the executive dashboard will be presented to the Board of Regents.

Team Members:

Sue Hodges Moore, Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness

Vickie Natale, Executive Director, Planning and Performance

Sandi Gillilan, Director, Academic Planning and Assessment

Zachary Hart, Associate Professor and Chair, Communications, College of Informatics

Stephanie Hughes, Associate Professor of Management, College of Business

Ryan Padgett, Assistant VP, Student Success and Assessment

Shawn Rainey, Associate Director, Curriculum, Accreditation, and Assessment

Linda Reynolds, Director of Administration, Administration and Finance

Denise Robinson, Dean and Regents Professor, College of Health Professions

Marilou Singleton, Director, Advancement Services


September          Team beings work on Executive Dashboard metrics

September 17     Moore meets with Executive Team to receive input and suggestions on metrics

September          Appropriate consultation meetings held with others

October 1            1st Draft of the Executive Dashboard discussed with Executive Team

November           Finalize metrics with Executive Team for Executive Dashboard

November           Team meets with Executive Team and Council of Deans to receive input on targets for Executive Dashboard

                            and on metrics for the operational dashboard

January                Presentation and discussion of preliminary targets for the Executive Dashboard with Executive Team,

                                Council of Chairs, and Council of Deans

February              Finalize targets for Executive Dashboard

March 12             Presentation of metrics and targets to Board of Regents